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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my information?

Answer: The security of your information is a top priority at ETP. To make sure the information you send over the Internet is secure, we use Secure Transmission Control Protocol, the highest industry standard to safeguard your information. The padlock or key icon at the bottom of your browser window indicates that the Secure Transmission Control Protocol is in effect. We also work closely with the IRS and state tax authorities to protect all of your information. For security reasons, and to make sure no one else can sign in to your account, we never give out or reset passwords over the phone, even at your request. Only you have access to your password. Make sure that you store your password in a safe place because you'll need it each time you sign in to your account.

Do I need to file a US Tax Return since I am living outside of the US?

Answer: If you are a US citizen or resident alien or a green card holder, you must file a tax return for each year in which your gross income exceeds certain minimum thresholds (as low as $4,000 for the 2017 tax year). Please note that you may not deduct the Foreign Earned Income and/or Housing Exclusions/or Medical Expenses for purposes of determining your gross income for this purpose. You are legally required to report your worldwide income to the United States each year even if you do not owe any taxes. Answer: Please note that the US tax authorities are able to initiate a tax audit within the later of three years from the initial due date of the return or the date the tax return was filed. Therefore, if you never file a tax return, the statute of limitations for that year is never completed.

Can I do my taxes by hand and then sign up for Worry-free Audit Representation Support?

Answer: No. ETP Worry-free Audit Representation Support is only offered for returns prepared and filed (whether via e-file or print and mail) with ETP online tax preparation. Worry-free Audit Representation Support is included with all ETP programs.

Who will benefit from using Worry-free Audit Representation Support?

Answer: Those clients who want no surprises after filing their taxes. It's a smart way to make sure you're covered no matter how complex your tax situation is. The benefits of Worry-free Audit Representation Support will be invaluable in the event that you need representation because the IRS questions your tax return

What is an Enrolled Agent?

Answer: Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who have demonstrated special competence in tax matters and can represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation (signed Power of Attorney required).

What are the services offered with Worry-free Audit Representation Support?


A. 1) IRS Correspondence Management:

ETP will assist with all communication that is initiated by the IRS or State Department of Revenue(s).

A. 2) Audit Preparation:

ETP will provide detailed information regarding how to prepare for an audit, and extend an offer for an ETP Enrolled Agent to represent you in the event of an audit.*

A. 3) Audit Representation:

An ETP Enrolled Agent guides you through what to expect during the audit, attends the audit with you, and helps you manage the entire audit experience. *Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation; signed Power of Attorney is required. Audit services constitute tax advice only. Consult an attorney for legal advice. Void where prohibited. Peace of Mind Error Free Tax Representation Guarantee.

Will the program check my tax return for errors?

Yes. After you complete your federal return, we'll check your tax return for errors. We'll repeat the process after you complete your state return, too. Our Error Check will identify errors in your return and provide instructions to fix your errors.

Can I transfer my prior year tax return or financial information into ETP?

You can import basic information such as your name, address, and dependent information from your prior year. We also import the information that is likely to remain the same from year to year from your W-2s, 1099s, and other tax forms. And if anything has changed, you'll have the ability to update or delete it as you go through the interview.

You can also save time by using the Smart Import feature to transfer over financial and payroll information from supported Financial Institutions (1099's) and Payroll Providers (W-2's).


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