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Find all the credits and deductions you deserve!

Whether you bought a home, became a parent, or got a new job this year, contributed towards Charitable Contributions, borne Health Care Expenses, Lifetime Learning Credits, Tuition & Fee Deduction, E Tax Planner can help you find all your credits and deductions!

A. E Tax Planner Guidance & Advice:

All the tax advice and guidance you need is just a click away. ETP Tax Preparer gives you common-sense explanations of complex tax laws and more than 2,500 easy-to-use tax planning tips and strategies. Let ETP Tax Preparer help you steer clear of the pitfalls of the tax code.

B. Stock Import:

Keeping track of all your stock transactions can be a real pain come tax time. Thankfully, with a little help from your brokerage, E Tax Planner can make the process easier. E Tax Planner can import that information and transfer it to all the right places in your return.

C. Depreciation / Disposal Summaries:

If you own business property, then you know year-to-year depreciation can lead to a pretty hefty deduction on your federal tax return.

Don't miss any valuable deductions before filing! ! E Tax Planner’s Depreciation and Disposal Summaries make reviewing your current and future assets fast and easy.

D. Capital Gain Summary:

Capital gains can be confusing, especially as your portfolio grows, and keeping track of all your transactions can be pretty taxing. E Tax Planner Capital Gains Summary makes comparing your brokerage statement to your tax return fast and easy. Never miss a stock transaction again!

E. Joint vs. Separate Report:

Your choice of filing status can have a big impact on your tax refund. Are you preparing a 'married filing joint return? You may not be getting the biggest refund possible! E Tax Planner’s Joint vs. Separate Report analyzes your return & tells you if filing separately would give you the biggest tax savings.